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15 WordPress Development Companies (As Rated by Their Clients)

When you’re thinking about building a WordPress site, you quickly notice that there are a lot of WordPress development companies out there. With all those different options, it can be tough to choose the right company for your needs.

While your online presence is important the last thing you want to do is spend months looking for someone who can build it.

On the other hand, you don’t necessarily want to just go with the top result on Google’s first page either – being good at SEO doesn’t always mean they’re the best option for development.

But a WordPress development company is definitely worth considering. For one, they offer teams of expert developers and designers who can make a WordPress site that is scalable, reliable, and performant.

Not only that but, unlike freelancers juggling projects, a development company will have a hierarchy of project managers and testers who are able to focus on building your WordPress site.

In this article, we’re going to share our thoughts on the best WordPress development companies. To help you make a decision, we’ve collected information on the size of the teams and the skills they bring. We’ve also dug into portfolios to find each companies specialization.

Let’s dive in.

Best WordPress development companies 🏆

Now that we’ve discussed why WordPress development companies provide such great value, let’s look at 15 of the best. We’ve been working with WordPress since 2014 and these are the development companies who have consistently impressed us.

In no particular order.

1. WPRiders

WPRiders are one of the best WordPress development companies

Rating: 4.9 on Clutch

Founded in 2014 in Bucharest, Romania but with 14 years of experience with WordPress and custom site development, WPRiders are one of the best WordPress development companies.

We have a lot of confidence in these guys; our long-standing partnership makes us just one of their 1,000+ happy clients. With more than 700 five-star reviews, it’s no surprise that WPRiders find themselves regularly recognized by leading business outlets like Clutch and GoodFirms.

WPRiders are committed to helping you grow your business with a team of business analysts informing the work of their design, development, and testing teams. You can be sure that their solutions have been developed alongside a deep knowledge of both market and technological trends.

And all this gives them an edge when providing custom WordPress work. They know everything about WordPress and how to get the most performance out of it. This specialist knowledge has helped them build powerful WooCommerce stores and learning management systems (LMS) with an incredible number of API integrations.

You’re not convinced WordPress is for you? WPRiders can go beyond WordPress if that’s what you’d like. Their developers have Laravel proficiency and working knowledge of the most important JavaScript libraries & environments.

End users are excited to use the marketplace. Because of the solutions, many customers offered to invest in the business pre-revenue.

Christian Grattan founder of BuyByeSupply.

Top pick from the WPRiders’ portfolio: You can check out the custom code work on pricing for Farrer’s Coffee.

Pricing: WPRiders packages start at $850/month. Each package gives you access to an integrated team of developers, advisers, SEO experts, QA specialists, designers, and project managers. The team handles all the work for you and effectively communicates the progress of the project to you on a regular basis.

2. Vipe Studio

Vipe Studio is one of the top WordPress development companies.Vipe Studio is one of the top WordPress development companies.

Rating: 5 on Clutch

Vipe Studio started back in 2009 and offers a full-stack WordPress development service that covers everything from speed optimization to custom plugins or themes, full website builds, and even headless WordPress implementations.

Their main headquarters is in Bulgaria, but they have a presence in both the USA and Europe, so you can certainly engage them even if you’re not located in Europe.

If you’re looking to build a website from scratch, Vipe Studio can get the job done with the approach that works best for your situation. That might be a “traditional” WordPress site or it might be a headless implementation, an approach which is rapidly growing in popularity.

Vipe Studio is a long term Themeisle client, they know our products inside out and we consult with them for product ideas.

Vipe Studio maintains a strong presence in the WordPress community, with contributions to the core code and sponsorships for WordCamps.

They go above and beyond, training the internal team on how to navigate and use their new site. What stands out the most are the team’s attention to detail and receptiveness to feedback.

Head of Marketing, Propy Inc.

Top pick from the Vipe Studio portfolio: Building Honda’s website for the Bulgarian market

3. WidgiLabs

WidgiLabs is a full-service WordPress development company from Portugal.WidgiLabs is a full-service WordPress development company from Portugal.

Widgilabs is a development agency that specializes in WordPress websites and ecommerce. Its team of WordPress experts will provide you with efficient solutions to problems that exceed your expertise. This agency’s mission is to help your company grow in different sectors.

The strength of WidgiLabs’ seasoned developers and designers is handling critical issues and high-traffic websites with millions of monthly pageviews. They have experience collaborating with large businesses and enterprises, both national and international.

Even though WidgiLabs focuses on WordPress and ecommerce development, it does provide a wider array of services. You can get assistance with WordPress plugins, UI/UX design, marketing, business strategy, content, and more.

In their portfolio, you will find brands like Vodafone, Forbes, Observador, Economia Online, and more.

Widgilabs was founded in 2011 and has two main headquarters – Lisbon and London.

I’ve been working with Widgilabs for ten years. The process is clear and effective. The team is proactive, creative, and highly professional. If you are looking for help with WordPress websites, WidgiLabs is the right partner.

Sónia Laima, Teacher, Universidade Europeia

Top pick from the WidgiLabs portfolio: Designing and implementing Forbes’ website for the Portuguese market.

4. DevriX

DevRix is a full-service WordPress development company from Bulgaria.DevRix is a full-service WordPress development company from Bulgaria.

Rating: 4.8 on Clutch

DevriX is the original WordPress maintenance company. In fact, they invented the term “WordPress retainer”.

Founded in 2010 in Bulgaria, they have grown into a full-service development company with WordPress developers, designers, engineers, and marketers based all over the world.

This distributed team has specializations in the development of SaaS platforms, enterprise development, and building scalable WordPress multisite operations.

At the other end of the scale, DevriX also has a reputation for custom plugin development earned through building over 200 free plugins for their clients. At one stage, WordPress.org carried DevriX plugins for image galleries, RSS feeds, oEmbeds, and more.

DevriX builds lasting relationships with their clients, having worked with 90% of them for more than two years. This is because they can offer more than design and development, they leverage their digital marketing knowledge to help you build SEO and marketing strategies.

DevriX produced a cost-effective multisite network. All functions requested by the company were incorporated and they even exceeded expectations.

Peter Nikov, Founder and CEO, Cloud Solutions

Top pick from the DevriX portfolio: DevriX helped build the website for the recent Facebook acquisition Kustomer.

Pricing: DevriX WordPress retainers allow you to hire one of their WordPress contributors for $120 / hr. For one-off custom projects, the going rate is $220 / hr or $900 / day. Custom projects start at $15,000 and WordPress SaaS / platform development start at $50,000.

5. 10up

10up is an elite WordPress development company10up is an elite WordPress development company

10up is the only Emmy nominated WordPress development company on this list. But, that shouldn’t scare you off. As WordPress Gold VIP partners, they’ve built WordPress sites for some of the biggest names in media, healthcare, and government, but they’ve also built sites for local schools and non-profits.

They are a full-service agency with over 200 strategists, designers, developers, engineers, and marketers spread around the world. As you’d expect, they specialize in complicated WordPress builds with demanding performance requirements.

This gives them proven expertise in all aspects of front-end engineering, like WCAG accessibility, back-end engineering, like GraphQL, alongside technical cloud services, like Amazon Web Services.

Winners of multiple Webby’s, they are also well-known for their tools like ClassifAI which is an AI tool for generating alt text, image tags, content classification, and more.

10up is a strong advocate for Open Source donating over 4,000 company hours to popular Open Source projects. Among the team, you’ll find over 40 conference speakers and WordPress contributors.

We came to 10up with a vision. They realized and exceeded that vision with speed and agility while contributing invaluable insights and recommendations.

Matt Fulton, Director of Digital Services, MaineToday Media

Top pick from the 10up portfolio: 10up completed all of the work for FiveThirtyEight.

6. Wholegrain Digital

Wholgrain Digital logoWholgrain Digital logo

Rating: 4.5 on Clutch

Wholegrain Digital has the distinction of being London’s first WordPress agency and the perfect WordPress company for anyone interested in tech for good. Indeed, this is baked into their DNA. They were founded in 2007 to help positive organizations thrive online.

Working with positive organizations has helped Wholegrain Digital specialize in delivering delightful experiences through great user experience and navigation. This commitment to users can also be found in the improved back-end workflows that are another feature of a Wholegrain Digital project.

Wholegrain Digital’s other passion is web sustainability. This commitment has helped them develop deep web performance knowledge in their quest for reduced digital wastage. These optimization skills guarantee designs that will accommodate any SEO or marketing efforts you undertake.

They offer standard maintenance and support plans, as well as a continuous improvement plan that allows you to take advantage of the latest WordPress developments.

They go out of their way to work with you on a custom solution. There’s a lot of give and take, and sharing of ideas and information, which I think leads to high-quality solutions.

Michael O’Rourke, Founder, Morpheus Wellness Solutions

Top pick from the Wholegrain Digital portfolio: A complete design overhaul, including improved UX and navigation for Unicef.

7. Multidots

Multidots is one of the best WordPress development companies.Multidots is one of the best WordPress development companies.

Rating: 4.9 on Clutch

Multidots started in 2009 and have been consistently hitting growth milestones ever since. What started out as a small agency doing outsourcing work has grown into a maintenance and development company recently selected to join the Silver WordPress VIP partnership program.

As you can imagine, Multidots has incredible WordPress skills. If you are looking for a custom build or you want to migrate to WordPress, then Multidots can get it done. If you’re already up and running, then they can perform site audits, performance optimization, and any maintenance tasks you might have. They have been recognized as India’s leading PHP agency with skills in both WooCommerce and BuddyPress.

They maintain a strong community presence with sponsorships for 7 contributors to work on WordPress core.

Multidots helped us during a critical time. Their team built a reliable workflow. Our workflows are much more efficient, saving our team a lot of time.

Vice-President, Marketing, Entertainment Industry Event Co

Top pick from the Multidots portfolio: Multidots optimized MIT Engineering’s WordPress site.

8. Human Made

Elite WordPress development agency Human MadeElite WordPress development agency Human Made

Rating: 5 on Clutch

Human Made is another elite WordPress development company founded in England but staffed from around the world. With over 70 engineers, project managers, marketers, and event planners, Human Made is a technical development company capable of building innovative tools and platforms.

With specialization in technically complex WordPress development, they are responsible for the digital presence of some of the world’s biggest media companies. They are also responsible for Altis, the WordPress-based digital experience platform used by, among others, Red Bull and Snopes.

Their custom work can be found behind businesses from multiple industries with large amounts of traffic. They can provide everything from powerful cloud solutions to helpful marketing automation tools. You’ll find their work most often in the media, finance, and publishing realms.

Beyond big-name clients, they are also Open Source evangelists. You will regularly find them planning events for FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) events as well as banner events like WordCamp Europe.

The site is in excellent technical shape and doesn’t experience downtime even when viral content causes major traffic spikes.

Doreen Marchionni, Vice-President, Snopes.com

Top pick from the Human Made portfolio: Improving the performance and distribution for USA Today.

9. WebDevStudios

Webdev studios logoWebdev studios logo

Rating: 5 on Clutch

WebDevStudios is one of the oldest and best WordPress development companies on this list. Founded back in 2002, they shifted towards Open Source options in 2008. They are a leading technical development company with engineers, project managers, designers, and support technicians forming a 40+ strong team.

They can provide WordPress solutions for everything from enterprise to non-profit. If you are on a different platform, then WebDevStudios are able to migrate you to WordPress efficiently. They have particular strengths in corporate designs with a number of sites built for Microsoft.

As a full-service agency. WebDevStudios can provide technical and marketing support for emerging and established businesses, educational institutions, non-profits, and more.

When it comes to the nuts and bolts of WordPress, WebDevStudios is hard to beat. They have written a number of books targeted at WordPress beginners and they contribute 5% of their team’s time to WordPress contributions.

WebDevStudios grasped our vision and executed on time and on budget. This was a major overhaul, and we hit a few speed bumps, but it was way more smooth of a process opposed to previous relationships with other developers.

Ben Koo, Editor-in-Chief, The Comeback

Top pick from the WebDevStudios portfolio: Repeat customers Campbell’s Soup Company came to WebDevStudios when it was time for a complete redesign.

10. Librafire

librafire logolibrafire logo

Rating: 4.9 on Clutch

Librafire is a multi-national team of over 20 designers, developers, project managers, and business development managers. With offices in Serbia, the US, and the Netherlands they are perfectly placed to meet your schedule.

Librafire’s designs really catch the eye which is probably why they pull in a lot of business from outsourcing contracts. They have no industry bias with over 300 projects covering a wide variety of industries. Their front-end skills are excellent and equal to anything you’ll find in larger agencies. This is particularly true when it comes to JavaScript.

While they specialise in WordPress, Drupal, and Laravel, they also have enough backend skills to build a custom site from scratch. If you’re just starting out, then you’ll be able to develop your brand with their brand design skills. When you combine this with their mentioned prices, you have an agency perfectly suited to new and emerging businesses.

The new site led to a 420% increase in leads for the 3 months.

John Stefanidis, Co-founder, The Construction Chute Company

Top pick from the Librafire portfolio: They provided two designs for TeamViewer’s US landing pages.


UpQode logoUpQode logo

Rating: 4.9 on Clutch

UPQODE is a full-service agency headquartered in Nashville. However, the bulk of the team is distributed. They have strengths in all areas from design & development to content & SEO. Their tech team is well balanced to take you from iteration through design to launch and growth.

They are fully committed to WordPress and a bulk of their projects involve launching sites for SMBs. Their broad skill base makes them comfortable integrating sites with HubSpot, building ecommerce stores, or building custom themes and plugins for a variety of industries. Their portfolio is probably one of the largest on this list.

They really are a one-stop shop with website maintenance, social media marketing, and Google Analytics assistance all available for reasonable rates.

Finally, they are part of a larger network of companies which includes a themes store, sales apps, and tools for Elementor.

UPQODE built a completely new WordPress site for us. They completed the design components too, creating the platform’s UX/UI. Their team implemented ecommerce features, which allowed us to receive donations.

Jason Blackwell, Director Brand Experience & Public Affairs, Spondylitis Association of America

Top pick from the UPQODE portfolio: They built an ecommerce store for a successful fashion brand, Sew Sketchy.

12. KrishaWeb

KrishaWeb is an India-based WordPress development agencyKrishaWeb is an India-based WordPress development agency

Rating: 5 on Clutch

KrishaWeb is a WordPress development agency that’s been around since 2008 and grown to include over 70 employees. Their head office is in Delaware, USA, but they have other locations in India, the USA, and the Netherlands.

KrishaWeb is a full-service agency, which means that they can help you with everything from web design and brand identity to WordPress website development, digital marketing, ecommerce, and more. They also go beyond WordPress and can work with other open-source content management systems such as Drupal and Joomla as well as custom application builds.

Overall, if you want a full-service agency that can help with all areas of WordPress development and marketing, KrishaWeb is worth a look.

As a small business, we do not have the budget to have a full-time designer or developer who can do great jobs. So I have made a tie-up with the KrishaWeb team for quite a few months now and they have delivered what I asked and always on time.

Robert Abela, Founder, WP Activity Log plugin

Top pick from the KrishaWeb portfolio: A full brand identity and website build for A Y & J Solicitors in the UK


SAU/CAL is an ecommerce agency from CanadaSAU/CAL is an ecommerce agency from Canada

Rating: 5 on Clutch

SAU/CAL is a global collection of WooCommerce experts with headquarters in Canada. Over the years, they have managed to become Silver WordPress VIP agency partners as well as partners of Kinsta and WPEngine.

Not only that, they are certified WooExperts who started their agency when they couldn’t find capable ecommerce developers. Their love of ecommerce means they know all the tools and they can build everything else from scratch.

However, they are focused entirely on WordPress and WooCommerce. But, they can build scalable websites for both enterprises and SMBs. If your store needs a rebirth, then SAU/CAL has the skills to redesign your site for better performance.

We chose SAU/CAL to be a VIP partner because they are among the best in the world at building profitable online stores, they are easy to work with and we constantly hear how transparent their billing system is.

Suzi Gaiser, Director of Strategic Partnerships, WordPress VIP

Top pick from the SAU/CAL portfolio: They transformed a download store into a streaming platform for photography tutorial site Phlearn

14. Cut2Code

Cut2code logoCut2code logo

Rating: 5 on Clutch

Cut2Code is a growing WordPress development company from Poland’s Silicon Valley. The entire team works from Poland on a rotating schedule to help them stay in touch with a global client base.

Cut2Code are particularly strong when transforming existing designs into functioning websites. You can either bring them in to collaborate with existing teams or get them to build a custom website from a brief.

The front-end team has proven experience in developing custom solutions that work seamlessly with the WordPress Block Editor. However, they have extensive ecommerce skills in both WordPress and Shopify. For larger projects, they can also implement full platforms with Ruby on Rails.

Cut2Code has provided everything from custom development to support, and maintenance for a wide variety of industries. You’ll find higher education, fashion, healthcare, real estate, and tech startups in their portfolio.

They made our site 30–50% faster, which was very important for our SEO. They were also able to improve our conversion rate.

Michał Skurowski, CEO, LiveSpace.io

Top pick from the Cut2Code portfolio: All of the WordPress work for University of California San Francisco: Bioethics

15. FixRunner

FixRunner logoFixRunner logo

Rating: 4.7 on Trustpilot

FixRunner is a popular WordPress maintenance service that also gives you the option of having custom development work done. They’re a global team, with presences in the USA, Israel, and Belgrade, Serbia.

This approach is slightly different from the other WordPress development agencies on this list as FixRunner’s primary focus is on a monthly maintenance service. Still, they do offer a dedicated development service that can help with both website design and development.

Being able to get both services in one spot is helpful as it lets you stick with one service for all your WordPress needs.

Their monthly maintenance packages also give you a certain number of dedicated support hours per month, which might be all you need for simple development tasks.

After going thru many different developers no one could fix the problem and the FixRunner team did it.

Linda J, theplanetweekly.com

Top pick from the FixRunner portfolio: All of the WordPress work for University of California San Francisco: Bioethics

Pricing: FixRunner’s WordPress maintenance plans start at $69 per month and range up to $179 per month (with a discount for longer payment periods). There are also enterprise-focused plans from $300 per month as well as one-time support options for $49 each. Custom development work will obviously cost more.

Conclusion 🏁

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to grow a business or draw attention to a valuable cause, building a WordPress site can be overwhelming. WordPress development companies can provide fresh ideas, and the technical know-how, to help your project shine. Fortunately, there are several companies to choose from no matter your budget or needs.

Do you have experience working with a WordPress development company? Let us know in the comments section below!

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