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Hosting like no other

When you host your site or store with WordPress.com, you unlock world-best managed WordPress hosting features at a fraction of the cost of other providers.

Prize-winning performance and sizzling site speeds

With a highly optimized cloud platform built entirely for WordPress, and a CDN spanning the globe, your pages will load with blistering speed.

Seriously secure hosting

We automatically block DDoS and brute force attacks and keep hackers at bay, making your site safe and secure.

WordPress all the way

Every part of our infrastructure is optimized to run WordPress and WordPress alone, and our team contributes to constantly improving the platform.

Unmetered bandwidth

Where other hosts will quickly penalize you with mounting costs as your traffic grows, with WordPress.com you can succeed without limits.

Real-time backups

Don’t lose a thing. On the Business plan and up you get real-time backups of everything, with multiple redundancies and one-click restore baked right in.

Expert support on tap

Over 30% of WordPress.com is dedicated to service. We call it Happiness—real support delivered by experts who specialize in launching and fine-tuning WordPress sites.

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